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A Beginner's Guide to Classical Music, Composers and CDs

Good-Music-Guide is a weekly listening guide to good music of all types on compact disc. We focus on classical music but cover the spectrum from ancient to avant garde. Let us introduce you to music that you haven't heard before but wish you had!

Whether you are a beginner to classical music or a life-long fan, we have pages to interest all. Composer biographies, articles, CD reviews, a very popular forum, weekly quiz and much much more. Classical Music is for everyone!

Classical CD Reviews

Each week we present a CD review. The focus is on the background behind the music, what was the composer's inspiration, and what was its influence, with an emphasis on a particular recording.

Articles About Classical Music

A diverse collection of short articles about music. There are articles about colelcting CDs, why boxed sets are worth looking at, descriptions of musical styles and beginner's guides, and how to get the next generation of children interested in classical music.

The Classical Music Forum

Join over 800 other members in an informal discussion of all things to do with classical music. Join the most active classical music forum on the net. Want a piece of music identified? Need recommendations for further listening? Whether your taste is middle-of-the-road or esoteric classical, you are sure to find a wealth of information on our forum.

The Essential Classical Music Collection

The huge range of music available is a bit daunting for the beginner. Here we present the top 10 classical works in each genre of symphonies, concertos, baroque, chamber, piano, opera, choral and twentieth century music. Not all will aggree with our selection but it certainly serves as a springboard for further exploration.

Weekly Classical Music Quiz

Think you know your classical music? Each week we present a very short snippet from a very famous piece of classical music. Can you gues what it is?

Classical Music Links

Want to explore further? Good-Music-Guide presents a comprehensive set of classical music links. We have general classical sites, online stores, record lables, education sites, and many others.

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